Joomla and the ini_set() Error Message

On all Cloudslices shared hosting servers ini_set() has been disabled for security reasons. Disabling ini_set() is good security practice, since malicious users could use a statement in the PHP code that causes server instability and potential security problems.

Joomla uses the ini_set() function in several core files. This will display error messages on your website and prevent administrator access. There is a very simple method to prevent these error messages from displaying.

Error Reporting. This parameter sets the level of error reporting to be used by PHP on the Joomla site. It has four options: System Default, None, Simple, and Maximum. “None” switches off PHP error reporting, and “Simple” and “Maximum” override the server setting to give a basic level of reporting and the reporting of all errors, respectively.

Turn off error reporting in the Joomla administrator settings

  1. Login to your Joomla administrator area by visiting
  2. Once successfully logged in, you then need to navigate to Global Configuration which is in the Site menu dropdown.
  3. Click on the Server tab, select the Error Reporting dropdown, and select None. Save your settings and refresh the homepage of your website. All error messages relating to ini_set() will be hidden.

Turn off error reporting in the Joomla configuration.php file

  1. Login to cPanel, you can find a "Login to cPanel" button in the Cloudslices client area otherwise the direct link is
  2. Once successfully logged in to cPanel, click on the File Manager icon under the Files section.
  3. Navigate to the public_html folder which is where you will find the configuration.php file. Select the configuration.php file and click on the Edit icon at the top of the window.
  4. Find the line that begins with public $error_reporting and change the value to none, for example:

    public $error_reporting = 'none';

  5. Once you have modified the $error_reporting line and changed the value to none, save your changes. Refresh the homepage of your website. All error messages relating to ini_set() will be hidden.
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