Reset WordPress Password

WordPress password resets are one of the most common support requests received by the Cloudslices technicians.

Cloudslices does not store or manage your WordPress password, if you have forgotten your login details then you need to reset your admin password by either using the built-in function or by directly editing the database.

Lost Your Password?

The easiest solution to resetting your WordPress password, is by clicking on the "Lost Your Password?" link on the login page. This can be found by visiting:

Obviously replacing with your actual website URL. Assuming your WordPress user details are correct, all you need to do is follow the directions: Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

Edit the Database With phpMyAdmin

Looking at a database can appear to be very complicated. The good news is that whilst it might look hard, changing a users password in the database using phpMyAdmin is actually very simple.

1. Login to cPanel and scroll down to the Databases section.

2. Click on the phpMyAdmin icon, which will open the MySQL database editor in a new window. Please ensure your browser is not blocking this new window.

3. Find your WordPress database in the left hand navigation column, and click on the plus symbol next to the database. You will then click on the USERS table which stores the WordPress login details. In most cases this will have random characters in the name, such as: xxx_users or wp_users

4. Identify the user that requires a password reset, and click on the Edit link on the same line. Doing this will take you to another page which will enable you to edit each value stored in the users table:

  • Take note of the user_login value, as this is the username.
  • Enter the required password you want to use in the user_pass field, and make sure the dropdown is set to MD5.

5. Click on the Go button the save the new information entered into your WordPress database. Proceed to login as per your standard procedure with the password you just set. I have used admin as the password in this example because I prefer to keep it simple and then modify the password again once I have successfully logged in to WordPress.

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