Change WordPress URL

Changing your WordPress URL can be a headache if you have modified your hosting account before changing the required settings in the admin area.

Cloudslices does not manage your WordPress website, unless you have a managed hosting contract. If you have changed your URL then you need to directly edit the database using phpMyAdmin.

Edit the Database With phpMyAdmin

Looking at a database can appear to be very complicated. The good news is that whilst it might look hard, changing a value in the database using phpMyAdmin is actually very simple.

1. Login to cPanel and scroll down to the Databases section.

2. Click on the phpMyAdmin icon, which will open the MySQL database editor in a new window. Please ensure your browser is not blocking this new window.

3. Find your WordPress database in the left hand navigation column, and click on the plus symbol next to the database. You will then click on the WP_OPTIONS table which stores the WordPress settings.

4. Find the siteurl and home fields in the option_name column. Replace both values with the new URL for your website by double clicking directly on the URL:

5. Pressing enter on your keyboard or clicking anywhere outside of the input box where you have changed the URL, will save the new value. Congratulations, by editing the siteurl and home values, you have successfully changed your WordPress URL.

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